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Focused on versatility

The range of production of our semi-extruders is from 12 mm diameter to diameter 200 mm, with different L/D ratios depending on processed material and on the product to be obtained. The final dimensions as the ends of the connection are adapted to the different needs of our customers, which cannot always match up with the specifications of standard machines. Providing a semi-extruder without frame and without electrical control panel is, in our opinion, a further advantage in terms of versatility, as it can be adapted to different types of production (blow molding, film, sheet, pipe, profile, granule, etc.) and to the different needs, as in term of space. The semi-extruder can be built according to our design or even be made to specifications and drawings provided by the customer, of course, ensuring the highest level of confidentiality.

With this product we look at both: end users and manufacturers of extrusion lines.

For end users it’s the possibility to renew or reconvert, with a modest investment, an existing extrusion line maybe obsolete or poor performance by replacing the extrusion unit with a new one of our own design.

For manufacturers of extrusion lines, we can provide customized extrusion groups assembled and complete with controller, drive and temperature control suitable for requested production.


The screw can be considered the heart of the extruder. This makes clear that the study of his geometry is essential to obtain excellent performance. The screw that is designed based on the characteristics of the used compound and the final product can improve with no doubt the quality of the final product, minimize waste material and increase productivity. For this reason, we take great care in the design and production of our screws that can be produced with any kind of profile.


Our standard screws are manufactured in nitrided steel with final hardness of 1000-1050 HV. Upon request, in the case of heavy service, are also available nitrided screws with a welded layer of Stellite on flight, tempered tool steel screws and screws built in special materials for very corrosive or abrasive service. The profile of the screw may be standard for the extrusion of various types of materials, or can be designed according to specific used material and the final product to be obtained. In the second case, it is possible to have a better plasticization and greater output capacity production.


Our standard cylinders are made by nitrided steel and grooved for better feeding. In case of using materials that do not bear such a solution, internal diameter will be smooth. Upon request, are available also bimetallic cylinders with internal layer in special alloy. This layer in special alloy can be chosen depending on the problems of wear, corrosion or both.


The temperature control of cylinder is ensured by combination of ceramic heaters and electric fans (one for each control zone). Fans are assembled directly on a protective cover built in stainless steel and insulated by ceramic fibres that give an excellent heat insulation and good energy saving. Temperature of each zone on cylinder is monitored by Fe-Co thermocouples.


Feeding zone of cylinder is appropriately thermoregulated thanks to an internal circuit for cooling water obtained between the internal bush and the cylinder support or, in case of cylinder built in one piece, to an external ring assembled directly on the cylinder. The cooling water temperature can be easily controlled through a thermocouple mounted on the support of cylinder. The feeding zone of cylinder is grooved to obtain a higher feeding effect. In the case of materials that do not bear such a solution, the feeding zone will be smooth.


Parallel axis gearboxes, designed to minimize the noise level and give excellent efficiency, can be supplied with two gears set (our standard) or with three gears set that offer a gear ratio up to 125. With these three gears set gearboxes is possible to realize a very compact extruder due to the larger distance between the input and output shafts. Electric Motor can be assembled with gearbox directly or by belts and pulleys. As alternative drive system are available the new Torque Motors.

Technical features ST series

Barrel with cooled grooved bush, Screw with high flow rates, Torque motor available.

Model ST 40 ST 50 ST 65 ST 80 ST 100 ST 120
Screw diameter mm 40 50 65 80 100 120
L/D 25 30 25 30 25 30 25 30 25 30 25 30
Motor Power Kw 15 19 31 36 49 55 65 73 87,6 97,3 138 165
RPM Screw 1/min 75/150 75/150 75/150 75/150 75/150 75/150 75/150 75/150 75/150 75/150 75/150 75/150
Thermoregulation zones No. 3 4 4 5 4 5 4 5 5 6 5 6
Thermoregulaton power Kw 7,2 7,8 12 13,5 15,6 18 21,6 25,5 27 30,6 36 39,6
Cooling fans Power Kw 0,27 0,36 0,36 0,45 1 1,25 1 1,25 1,85 2,22 1,85 2,22
PPVC Kg/h 50 80 130 170 290 450
UPVC Kg/h 35 60 100 120 220 330
PP Kg/h 45 70 120 180 320 400
HDPE Kg/h 55 80 120 200 350 450
LDPE Kg/h 70 90 140 280 360 500

Other extruders dimensions available upon customer’s request.
Technical data may be modified without previous notice.
Indicative Outputs depending on materials, screw profile, various settings.