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Screws reparing

A weared screw can gives several problems such as poor quality of melt, poor flow. In such cases it may be convenient, instead of replacing it with a new one, to repair it. This operation is possible in most cases and leads to very advantageous results.

Alloy for screws

Type of alloy Apply Alloy base Hardness (HRC) Wear resistance Corrosion resistance
Stellite 12 Plasma – TIG Co 45-49 Good Good
Colmonoy 56 Plasma – TIG Ni 52-56 Good Very good
TIG 5 Plasma – TIG Fe 58-62 Very good Good
WC HVOF WC 56-60 Excellent Excellent

Cylinders reparing

The weared plasticizing unit is carefully checked visually and then we proceed with checking the internal diameter of the cylinder along all its length and to fill out a report where the measurements taken are shown as a graph. A careful evaluation of the type of wear, its location, the materials of construction of screw and barrel, allows to make a economically advantageous proposal for revision.