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Plasticizing cylinders, as well as the screws, are parts subject to wear by abrasion and / or corrosion. For this reason, even in this case, it is useful to choose with care the most suitable building material.

STEBO offers a range of building materials for cylinders suitable for the resolution of the problems encountered and for the material of construction of the relative screws, to ensure an adequate duration and cost of the plasticizing unit.

Besides the production of standard cylinders made ​​of nitrided steel (indicated only for all applications not particulary aggressive), STEBO proposes a series of bimetallic cylinders with different characteristics. Indeed the choice of the alloy which constitutes the inner liner is made ​​based on the need for greater resistance to abrasion, corrosion, or both.

Bimetallic alloy

Designation Alloy components Hardness (HRC) Wear resistance Corrosion resistance
S11 Fe, Ni, Cr, B 58-65 Good Poor
S33 Fe, Cr, Ni, Mo, B 64-69 Very good Good
S42 Ni, Co, Cr, Mo, B 48-56 Poor Excellent
SW80 Ni, Cr, Si, B, WC 58-66 Excellent Very good