Screw tip assembly

The screw tip in its various forms, has the important function of non-return valve, to prevent the material to seep and flow back during the injection phase. Tightness of the valve turns out to be crucial. For this reason it is one of the components of the injection unit which is most frequently replaced.
STEBO designs and supply very high wear resistant screw tips, with welded hard-facing in the zone most subject to wear, that is in the zone where there is friction between the valve and the body.
In case of severe for wear or corrosion, we are able to provide tips on request with special surface coatings such as to increase the strength of the individual components made ​​of sintered steels or special for excellent wear resistance.

In addition to the standard screw tip, the product range includes ball check valve, mixing tip, locking valve.

Cylinder head and nozzle

To complete the injection unit, STEBO includes cylinder heads and nozzles in its range of products.

    These can be designed and produced in various types:

  • specific standard nozzle
  • nozzle with customized lengths
  • hydraulic nozzle
  • nozzle with filter
  • nozzle with mixer
  • needle Shut-off nozzle

Our technicians are available to assess the best implementation that suites you.