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The plasticizing screw is a fundamental and determinant device in the extrusion and has the important function of providing plasticized polymer (melt) having quality and consistency such as to enable the obtaining of products free from defects and with satisfactory mechanical and aesthetic characteristics. It also needs to withstand for long time in order to reduce the influence on the cost of the product.

    To achieve this, two factors are crucial:

  • the right choice of construction material and its heat treatment
  • the appropriate choice of the profile and geometry

The combination of these two factors leads to a screw high performance with proper relationship between cost and duration of the screw itself.

The choice of using a screw with dedicated geometry to the processed polymer and to the final product to be produced, allows to obtain a greater output and especially greater quality of the melt with consequent saving of waste and therefore lower cost of the product itself. Too often in the molding are used screws for general use neglecting the advantage that the use of a screw with dedicated geometry allows to obtain as lower cycle times, higher output and higher quality of the melt with a consequent saving on the cost of the artefact.

STEBO  is able to design and implement plasticizing screws having geometries suited to the different needs of use. We propose screws with mixers suitable for each type of polymer, or Maddock, barrier profile but also other geometries to be studied from time to time. Our Technical Office is available for the design and construction of dedicated screw profiles and right compression ratios.